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Welcome to the online version of The Participatory Museum. This is the complete text of the book, but it lacks the attractive formatting of the paperback and the PDF. Also, you can comment on it. Please do.

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And now, onto the show.

Table of Contents

Preface: Why Participate?

Part 1: Design for Participation
Chapter 1: Principles of Participation
Chapter 2: Participation Begins with Me
Chapter 3: From Me to We
Chapter 4: Social Objects

Part 2: Participation in Practice
Chapter 5: Defining Participation at Your Institution
Chapter 6: Contributing to Institutions
Chapter 7: Collaborating with Visitors
Chapter 8: Co-creating with Visitors
Chapter 9: Hosting Participants
Chapter 10: Evaluating Participatory Projects
Chapter 11: Managing and Sustaining Participation

Imagining the Participatory Museum



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